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Samsung has created the prefect printing tool for the web. The innovative AnyWeb Print 2.0 software utilises a new click, drop and drag feature, which lets you select, edit and print only the parts you really want from the web. You can now minimise waste and maximise efficiency. The clipboards found on AnyWeb Print 2.0 are perfect tools for collating images, which can be saved and reloaded; it provides you the power to create documents like mood boards with absolute ease. Available on various web browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, this software is perfect for both home and office use. Enjoy being in control and discover the easier, faster and more efficient form of web printing

Simple web printing solutions

Samsung’s AnyWeb Print 2.0 loads at the touch of a button. It is the printing tool that you’ve always wanted. The new click, drag and drop process gives you the freedom to collate images from the web and then print them on to one page. Simply use the ‘selection box’ to highlight the areas you wish to print and then drag and drop it in a clipboard. These clipboards can be saved into a variety of formats including W2P, TIFF, and PDF. In addition, you can reload your W2P files at anytime. Add to this the Quick Print functionality and you have the ultimate web printing tool.

Improve efficiency with real printing choices

Samsung’s AnyWeb Print 2.0 eliminates the occurrences of printing excess pages. Often, only a certain part of a page is needed, Samsung’s AnyWeb allows you to select and print the intended section and drastically cut back on printing volume. In addition, AnyWeb Print 2.0 now features Gray Scale mode, which enables you to print a color document in gray scale which results in less toner use. Maximise efficiency through the click, drag and drop capabilities, and see a reduction in toner use, running costs and even the impact on the environment

Enjoy AnyWeb Print 2.0 with various web browsers

The enhanced functionality of the AnyWeb Print 2.0 software is available on most popular web browsers such as, Internet Explorer6+, FireFox(Firefox for Window) 3.5+, and Safari(Safari for Mac) v4.x and above. Also, Window users can manage clipboards from Firefox to Internet Explorer vice versa with drag & drop function. This flexibility ensures that your print operations, whether it is at home or at work, will benefit from AnyWeb’s potential.